About Us

A dedicated wordpress development team, with focus on custom Wordpress plugin development services. We have delivered 100+ custom plugins, working successfully on the respective websites with about 90% repeat clientele.

A team of 15+ dedicated Wordpress developers, ready to help you in your next project. We follow a very detailed process to build each project, improved over the years with experience.

Our Team

  • Wp Plugins Business Analyst

    Rocky Singh

    Business Analyst

    Innovative Business Analyst skilled at enhancing and optimizing business processes to ensure growth and success. Follows solution-driven approach with experience leading cross-functional teams in the development, documentation and delivery of process with gathering the requirements of the clients and preparing a plan of implementation.

  • Wp-Plugins Lead Developer

    Imran Khan

    Lead Developer

    Being a Lead Wordpress Developer, excellent technical abilities are one of the most important skills which he holds. His Relevant technical knowledge and experience can include web development languages like HTML or MySQL, Windows, Linux, and AJAX.

  • Wp Plugins WordPress Developer

    Santosh Dhyani

    Web Developer

    WordPress developer responsible for implementing and maintaining reusable code libraries to ensure effective WordPress development cycles. The responsibilities include developing new functions for current websites, conducting WordPress training for clients, and creating interfaces and visuals for mobile applications. Motive is to make sure that sites follow all relevant best practices for web development.

  • Wp-Plugins WordPress Developer

    Shiv Babbar

    Wordpress Developer

    A very professional, reliable and affordable eCommerce developer for small businesses and individuals. Comfortable to install, configure and deploy WordPress CMS in any configuration: Single Site, Multi-Site etc. and can apply and configure themes of your choice plus recommended plugins so that your site is ready-to-go! Whether it's an affiliate site, a community portal, an online magazine or any other flavor of WordPress.


A workplace which motivates to deliver the best solutions.

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